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Al Ahlia Bahrain B.S.C

Al Ahlia Bahrain B.S.C(C) is granted a Category 2 Investment Licensee" by the Central Bank of Bahrain. we offer brokerage trading facilities and related services in regional and international markets. Al Ahlia Bahrain is amongst the first local and regional investment houses, providing selective range of investment products and services, including brokerage services not only in GGC/MENA markets but also in the US markets.

Our team of professionals continuously strives to satisfy the client's ever-growing investment needs by providing those "Customized Investment products" which would maximize their returns and net worth. The 'Principles of Business" laid down by the CBB regulates the activities of the team of professionals who take care of the Clients Investment's and holdings.

To be a single point contact to help Investor’s in making informed investment decision and simplifies investing in the financial market.


To build an unrivaled market position and client relationship by adding value to their net worth, catering to their investment needs through specially structured product and meeting their expectations and delivering superior returns.


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